Tarsila Fashion Show

ÁGUA DE COCO celebrated in grand style with a fashion show the historical partnership between the brand and the one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian Modern Art, the painter Tarsila do Amaral.

The show took place at ÁGUA DE COCO's new headquarters in São Paulo, an old gallery space, nothing more fitting to launch a collection in which Tarsila’s great painting, colors and universe served as inspirations for ÁGUA DE COCO’s creations.

“I'm deeply Brazilian and I'm going to study the taste and art of our caipiras. I hope, in the countryside, to learn from those who have not yet been corrupted by the academies"
- Tarsila do Amaral.

The collection was presented to a selected group of guests, among the friends of the brand there were press, influencers and artists, that watched as the brand’s creations were walked through the building salons by a highly diverse cast of models, including globally known top model Caroline Trentini.

The runway show united fashion, art and technology made possible by an exclusive partnership with Epson. The encounter between the ÁGUA DE COCO and Epson unveiled a sensorial and immersive experience achieved by video mapping, an innovative and creative proposal, that united the live show with projections and printings of digital imagery taking the public on a surprising journey.

The drawings and shapes of Tarsila’s characters, fauna, and flora were projected on the walls and on the runway while ÁGUA DE COCO’s swimwear and ready-to-wear pieces were shown to the public, creating a multidimensional experience of the brand’s creation and Tarsila's body of work.

ON the occasion the guest were gifted items exclusively developed in real time during the show like house decor items and pottery stamped using sublimation printing. The partnership with Epson goes beyond the show and that also created items for the visual merchandising of the brand’s 20 store windows in Brazil.

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