ÁGUA DE COCO organizes cleaning efforts in Jericoacoara

The ÁGUA DE COCO Verde project has already collected 1.2 ton of waste

Part of ÁGUA DE COCO's commitment to the environment is to dedicate itself to the preservation of the natural wealth and the infinite beauty that it provides us.

The ÁGUA DE COCO Verde project, which promotes social actions and nature maintenance, is responsible for cleaning efforts that took place in Jericoacoara, one of the most unique scenarios in Ceará and in the country, a destination for which the brand has great admiration and that received with open arms for the recording of the lifestyle series, with Brazilian model Renata Kuerten.

With the aim of reinforcing environmental awareness and the importance of preserving the environment, the actions had the support of the La Villa Jeri Hotel, and the engagement of the local community and tourists, as well as the recycling plant's cooperative. A total of 1.2 ton of waste was collected in two editions of the action, an expressive number received by the village plant, the organization responsible for assigning the correct destination to the materials.

On those occasions, eco bags were also distributed encouraging the reduction of the use of plastic bags, in support of the Jeri Plastic Zero project, the first destination in Ceará to ban the use of disposables.

This is just one chapter of the story written by the ÁGUA DE COCO brand project and its partners, which will be extended in the future to several other destinations in need of social actions.

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