Footwear Launch

ÁGUA DE COCO launches shoes line

Called Lifestyle, the new line reflects the brand's solar identity in several models that go beyond the beach

Created as a beachwear brand, today ÁGUA DE COCO is present in different moments of life that go far beyond the beach, extending its solar personality to daily life and special occasions.

To further complement its proposals, the brand has taken an unprecedented step and presents a new and exclusive footwear line. Genuinely beautiful and sophisticated pieces have been developed in every detail to make people celebrate their natural glow and inspire them to live this energy wherever they are, either at the beach or anywhere else.

The debut collection consists of several models including flats, sandals and mules that match feminine and naturally elegant proposals in a versatile way. Rustic textures, such as straw and jute, are used either as details or highlights and metallic finishes are the allies of day trips and sunsets, as well as evening events.

A rich color palette cover classics such as black, sand, caramel, silver and gold, in addition to refreshing shades of blue, lemon, purple and orange.

The debut collection is composed by selected styles such as flats, sandals and mules bringing versatility to feminine and innately elegant proposals. Rustic textures such as straw and jute are present in the details or as highlights, and metallic finishings are the companions for daytime strolls, sunsets, and for nighttime events too.

The wide color palette covers classics such as black, sand, caramel, silver, and gold, and refreshing shades of blue, lemon, purple, and orange

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