Água means water in Portuguese, the native language of Brazil. ÁGUA DE COCO’s Água line is the brand’s vision for swimwear and cover ups, anything that can be worn in and around water.

Born as a beachwear line ÁGUA DE COCO has a deep relationship with water, the sea, lakes and rivers that are so present in the Brazilian geography and culture.

The Água line celebrates the relaxing, curative, replenishing moments that happen when we are surrounded by water.

Bikinis, One Pieces, Sarongs, Capes, Tunics all designed and inspired by these wellness moments, are produced with highest quality fabrics to provide comfort, style, and beauty.

Aiming to create a special relationship between you and all that water has to offer, the Água line incorporate in its mix pieces for days at the beach, for water sports, for sunbathing at the pool and anything in between.

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