With sophistication and elegance, this launching brings the sun’s glow and light to people and homes

Tok&Stok and ÁGUA DE COCO unite to launch the exclusive campaign The Sun’s Energy at Your Home designed for outside areas such as gardens, verandas, and pools and to illuminate indoor spaces, bringing home the sun’s glow and energy. The campaign gains life with the Wild Orchids and Lace lines, retrieving the cultural roots of the lifestyle and beach fashion brand, and highlight multiple Brazilian elements.

“We are very happy to renew the partnership of ÁGUA DE COCO and Tok&Stok, two brands of strong personalities focused on each of their products’ details. Printing the main elements forming our identity in items for home and garden is the best way to share our lifestyle and emphasize one of our main goals: to bring the sun’s energy to people’s lives”
says Renato Thomaz, marketing director at ÁGUA DE COCO.

The products of the line Wild Orchids combine the ÁGUA DE COCO DNA with references of heavenly places and the rich Brazilian fauna. Watercolor, linen texture and floral elements appear in pieces of vibrant color and print, mixing animal print to flowers and coconut, the symbol of the Ceará-native brand. In this line, the Tok&Stok exclusive Brazilian Regional trend lends the special touch to compose the spaces, marking the elegance and Brazilianness in the decoration.

Inspired by lacework and the meticulous craftmanship strongly present throughout the brand’s journey, the line Lace translates the freshness and breeze of Northeast Brazilian beaches to pieces loaded with textures created from elements forming part of the beaches’ personality such as waves, coconut trees and jangada rafts. Inspired by the exclusive Natural Regional trend, the neutral and clear tones guide the color palette and dominate the productions.

“The Sun’s Energy at your Home” takes home the inspirations from Brazilian riches and brings the Brazilian solar energy inside, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Products such as pillows, tableware, beach chairs and sofas with exclusive prints were designed to create a sophisticated and, at the same time, vibrant scenario” comments Maurício Ferro, Tok&Stok communication head.

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