Tarsila  do Amaral [www.tarciladoamaral.com.br] had always been a constantly curious and fearless woman. An artist ahead of her time who majestically portrayed Brazil using colors, shapes and everyday figures which had never appeared on canvases before and much less starred them.

A restless and questioning soul, her international experience made her expand borders in a sense contrary to the common. She (re)discovered Brazilian culture, its faces, characters and scenarios and mingled it with her childhood memories, which resulted in an authentic representation of modern art. Tarsila’s impeccable interpretation of Brazil’s essence reveals a degree of perfection and sensitivity which had never been achieved before.

“I feel increasingly Brazilian: I want to be the painter of my country,”
- Tarsila do Amaral.

A devotion to all things Brazilian led to this happy meeting between Liana Thomaz, her ÁGUA DE COCO and Tarsila do Amaral, who share the same passion for regional themes, folk and popular traditions, as well as the diversity of Brazil’s fauna and flora. Both are in love with Brazil, proud of their roots that together give life to the new collection, an ode to the artist’s legacy, which celebrates and shares the wealth of Brazil’s art and culture.

Figures found in paintings such as The Moon, Setting Sun, Fisherman, Landscape with Bridge, Anthropophagy and Abaporu are explored in a meticulous and particular way to create the prints. Intense colors predominate, which is one of the main features of her work and which she called “small town colors”: pure blue, purplish pink, bright yellow, singing green. We call them “Tarsila’s colors”.

The personality of the beachwear and lifestyle brand from Ceará shows in its ability to unite the handmade and the technological, the sober and the extravagant, the classic and the contemporary. A set of solar proposals in both traditional shapes and new models translates into bikinis, swimsuits, beach cover-ups, dresses, tunics and palazzo pants. Fluidity is the buzzword.

The handmade work, which is part of the brand’s essence, features mesh fabric made of metallic thread crochet, a delicate technique developed by artisans. For the first time, tricot is used in pieces with rounded finishes that outline the silhouette.

In addition to women’s clothing, the partnership includes accessories, as well as men’s and kids’ items.

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