Netflix and ÁGUA DE COCO present their Summer Streaming collection

A novel partnership between the streaming service and the Brazilian beachwear brand

Netflix and ÁGUA DE COCO have formed a novel partnership to make both online and offline occasions even more unforgettable. Both brands value leisure moments and believe that it is best to use our mobility and time to enjoy every minute as we want and where we want to. At home, on a trip, by the pool or at the beach, the watchword is to relax and enjoy life wherever we are.

The Summer Streaming collection presents pieces that express the personality of both brands. They have more in common than might appear at first sight, especially the joy of being part of their best stories.

The iconic symbol of the streaming service giant has been reinterpreted and gives life to an exclusive pattern that trims a variety of wear models and accessories.

Classic models by the beachwear and lifestyle label, such as its triangle top bikini, swimsuit, hot pants, and swim briefs, were chosen to provide freedom of movement. In addition to beachwear, casual pieces such as T-shirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, and caps are also part of the new collection.

Other items give this line a relaxed touch: a popcorn bowl, a cup, and a double-sided portable lounger

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